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October 25, 2011
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:Enchanted Expansion: by Lorddragonmaster :Enchanted Expansion: by Lorddragonmaster
Enchanted Expansion

Synthetic Horn

Noelle worked vigorously completing her newest creation. After months of studying different books from Vickiís library, she was attempting to create a synthetic demon horn. A single horn which would allow her to define the attributes the wearer would receive.

She was tired of Caley flaunting around her voluptuous form, and was going to show her that he magic skill could even the odds in her favour, so to speak. With a final sealing spell, she could only assume it was complete. But what she didnít count on was that same pesky angel spying on her from the top of a nearby book case.

As Noelle held up the glowing pink horn, preparing to give it a trial run, Caley swooped down and snatched it from her. She was eager to give it a try herself, and she wasnít going to let Noelle diminish her glorious assets.

Caley swooped around the library as Noelle frustratingly cast spells to knock the angel out of the skies. Papers and flew off the shelves, as the two engaged in an unwanted game of keep away. Finally Noelleís spell struck, knocking the horn out of the angelís hands and but too far out of Noelleís reach.

The enchanted horn tumbled to earth, only to smack Jonathan clear in the forehead as he entered the room. As the horn made contact it released a bright flash of light, casting its spell.

Naturally it wasn't intended for an incubus, and it also would appear Noelle over exaggerated the attributes placed within the horn. For as Joani now struggled to her feet she gasped at not only her change in gender, but at her extravagant proportions.

Joani held onto the table to keep her balance as she demanded Noelle remove the horn, but Noelle simply smiled and shook her head. Both Caley and Noelle agree that while they donít have the horn themselves, they can are more than happy to let Joani use it for a while.


Though I'd try a something I haven't yet. Breast Expansion! :D

And with the last full color picture of Gender switch Joani from back before chapter 10, I thought we were due!

What do you think? I hope you like the little back story! It came to me before I even started on this drawing!

A little bit of TG goes a long way! :heart:

~Lord Dragon Master

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oppailolichan Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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I would love to have this outfit in latex 
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Lucky Joani... I want to be there, with Victoria and Noelle, and of course Caley!
orangeglasses2 Featured By Owner May 13, 2013
It's comforting to think that Jonathan and Joani are two separate people, since I'm liking Joani, even though she's a guy...argh! *head explodes*
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Haha! But they're not! Muahahaha!
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I normally don't like TG, but when I do. It has to do with femboys becoming gals.
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lol, joni always does get all the fun living with those two

awesome image and story, i like it ^^
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Thank you!
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