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May 2, 2013
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::Bimbo Overload:: by Lorddragonmaster ::Bimbo Overload:: by Lorddragonmaster
Continued from here….

Joani struggled to remain standing with her new body. Now extremely top heavy, she grasped her huge breast in hopes of maintaining some sort of balance. Noelle and Caley just giggle, and laughed at the sight before them, noting that the result of the fighting over the crystal horn Noelle had made, turned our better than they could have hoped.

Joani looked over at them through her thick lashed, and tried to glare at the two. Joani told Noelle to remove it at once and change her back, but Noelle simple walked over, and gave Joani’s bottom a good squeeze. She noted that the new look suited her. Caley quickly hovered over, pressing her chest against Joani’s, saying that she was jealous of Joani’s unmatched cup size, but would be more than happy just to play with them.

Frightened, panicked and flustered, Joani stepped away from the two girls and reached up to the crystal horn. She tightened her grip and with all her might tried to pull the magic horn of her head, determined to be rid of it, and her new form as well. Her arms shook as she struggled, pulling as hard as she could, as Noelle and Caley starred in disbelief. Just as she was preparing to surrender to her fate, it happened! The horn cracked, and began to break loose!

The broken horn burst forth from Joani's head, shattering before her, just as she wanted. However, all of the succubus energy Noelle had empowered the horn with had been kept in check by the crystal, slowly leaking steadily into Joani. Now with the crystal shattered, all of that sexually charged succubus energy was released fully into Joani's unprotected body all at once!

The warm sensation, which once came from the horn on her forehead, now filled her whole body. Joani’s form transformed once again before her eyes. Not back into her normal body, but even more into an over sexualized symbol of lust and submssion. Her hair grew and fell down her back, while her lips grew thick and plump. Her already ample chest burst forth to ridiculous proportions, which were only matched by her widened hips and rear. Even her heart shaped tail, grew swollen and so sensitive. Where the crystal horn once existed there was left a glowing heart shaped mark, the pulsed with Joani’s new sexual energy. She could barely contain herself in her outfit, and she struggled to grasp the body her continual misfortune had awarded her.

Noelle and Caley giggled at her final metamorphosis, running their eager hands across Joani's voluptuous body. Joani blushed at their touch, and gasped at Caley's firm grip. She pleaded to Noelle to change him back, saying she would do anything. Noelle deviously smiled with delight and agreed. She went over to her work bench and grabbed a spare leash, attaching it to Joani's collar.

"Come on Joani. Some test are in order test the limits of your condition." Noelle said as she tugged on the leash, trying not to smile.

Joani got up and started to follow, with Caley close behind. Leaving the library, she wondering where Noelle was taking her. However before they left the room Joani looked back at the table and noticed all of Noelle's books and potions were being left behind. Wondering how Noelle was going to turn her back without them, she fearfully turned back to Noelle.

Noelle looked over her shoulder and smiled, holding up a bubble-gum pink ball gag and a large paddle which read “BIMBO”…


I worked on this drawing for over a month, trying to get it our of my system. I drew 3 different versions, weeks apart, bringing all of them to their colouring stage, before I scrapped them. This one I was finally happy with, and can finally share with all of you. It was a long hard journey, but I felt I couldn't move on until I finished this concept.

I hope you guys like it. I really want to continue with the previous expansion image/story, but fix all the things I didn't like from 2011 (hair, hips, pose).

It was a long journey and I want to thank every from the live stream who wanted me slowly work through all the details, and :iconargrim: who checked it over and gave his stamp of approval! ;)

I wonder what Noelle and Caley have in store for poor Joani...

~Lord Dragon Master

(Note: Don't both with grammar or spell checking the story. It is just a fun little side thing I did at the last minute)

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Ok that was an awesome story
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Is there any way to download the large version of this pic and the preceding one in the series?
Lorddragonmaster Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014
Nope! They were drawn on 11x8.5 paper, they dont get any bigger
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Jayna James
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She has all of the right appurtenances. Now, what about the attitudes that often accompany them?
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I'll have to work on that!
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I wish I was her
SabrinaPandora Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2013
I adore this one... the oversexualization is amazingly rendered and the expression is what seals the deal. I don't suppose we'll be seeing more of this particular series, will we? I sure hope so...
Lorddragonmaster Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2013
I actually just did a picture on my stream!
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