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Demon Candy: Parallel Vol.1
Demon Candy Parallel Vol.2
Demon Candy Parallel Vol.3


Journal Entry: Mon Feb 9, 2015, 5:02 PM

Kazesasou kokage ni utsubusete naiteru
Mi mo shiranu watashi wo watashi ga miteita
Yuku hito no shirabe wo kanaderu GITAARA
Konu hito no nageki ni hoshi ha ochite

Yukanaide, donna ni sakende mo
ORENJI no hanabira shizuka ni yureru dake
Yawarakana hitai ni nokosareta
Te no hira no kioku haruka
Tokoshie no sayonara tsuma hiku

Yasashii te ni sugaru kodomo no kokoro wo
Moesakaru kuruma ha furiharai susumu
Yuku hito no nageki wo kanadete GITAARA
Mune no ito hageshiku kakinarashite

Aa kanashimi ni somaranai shirosa de
ORENJI no hanabira yureteta natsu no kage ni
Yawarakana hitai wo nakushite mo
Akaku someta suna haruka koete yuku
Sayonara no RIZUMU

Stream start in 10 min!!! Working on ART!…

~Lord Dragon Master


Draganath Dracorium

What kind of commission would you like me to accept? 

124 deviants said Full character (Full colour commission) ($40-$50 est.)
81 deviants said You don’t wanna draw my OC for free?! @_@
63 deviants said Line art commission ($25-$30 est.)
36 deviants said Sketch commission ($15-$20 est.)
27 deviants said Chibi (full colour commissions) ($20-30 est.)


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Satoshi-no-Cosplay Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New member
omg omg omg! *^* I love your work so much! *^*
Glacebon Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2015
I don't like femboys, dunno if I like BDSM either but Im HOOKED on your comic, love it :P
LookingGla55 Featured By Owner Edited Mar 11, 2015  New member Student Writer
If I said I was willing to write some story bits for your side the side chapter ideas you posted a while ago that you weren't making comic strips for(as in the ones you aren't going to post), would you be willing to take a look at them?
I just ask 'cause I really love your stuff, I'm a good writer, and I would really like to do that. Didn't want to just start and wind up stepping on your toes, you really have an amazing story here.
Lorddragonmaster Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2015
I would prefer that you refrained from taking my base summaries and writing fan fiction. I've worked out most of those ideas and I really don't want to be doubling up on my own ideas. 
LookingGla55 Featured By Owner Edited Mar 11, 2015  New member Student Writer
Okay. I can do that. Glad I checked with you first.
Is there something I could write for you though? I just know that your stuff is awesome, but the wait in between posts is killer, at least, it kills me(even though it's worth it). Also, I'm good at writing and would love to do a piece for you in the DC: P universe. I really like the story and want to help out, but I'm broke... and a good writer.
I'd just post it on my page and let you know when it was done.
But, if there's no ideas you have and don't have time to expand on, that's okay.
And thanks for letting me know!
Big fan!
nonesuch333 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2015
I don't want to pry into a discussion between you and LDM, but if I might make a suggestion, how about devising your own BDSM fiction universe? I know that my development as a writer came to a turning point when I wanted so much to put my own spin on all my favorite stories that I just had to take all those aspects that I wanted to work with and role them into one. So, are there any other BDSM stories that have had a big impact on you? And what are the most interesting thoughts you have had about DCP that you feel LDM doesn't cover as much as you'd like? That's where you start.

I'm not categorically opposed to fan fiction (if LDM has another fanfic contest, I am so there) Having an existing framework gives young writers a chance to hone their fundamentals, and a good writer can take someone else's characters in an interesting new direction, ( something like "Rosencranz and Guildenstern are Dead" for example) but I think it can also be very restricting for maturing writer with something to say, and the sort of training wheels it provides to new writers is something one must master the skills to move beyond, even if one does not leave that sphere of work entirely.

DCP and the way it made me
rethink kinky relationships was one (among several) inspirations for my own erotic writings, for example. I recommend at least giving it a try. I hope this wasn't terribly intrusive and uncalled for, I just wanted to give some advice from my own experience.
kittyboy2222 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2015
Meow, Thank you so much for your work bringing Demon candy parallel to life! My Mistress and I have always looked forward to every update, but lately we just can't wait! This story line has me biting my nails and checking deviant multilevel times everyday in the hopes of the next updates.
Lorddragonmaster Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2015
Aw thank you! I am glad you both enjoy it! It has been quite the ride, and a lot of times I wasn't sure it was worth it or was going to be pulled off the way I wanted. I am glad that you like it! We're almost at the end!
kittyboy2222 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2015
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Lol, just kidding! I understand that all good things must come to an end sooner or later.. Hmm, though maybe if we strap you to your computer desk.. Just a thought! Anyways, It will be sad to see the main story come to an end, but I hope you still plan of doing side comics from time to time. I will have to make a point of singing 'It's over now the music of the night!" after I read the last page! Giggle!
Lorddragonmaster Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2015
No no we're almost at the end if this story arc!!

i will be here forever...chapter 16-20 to go!
(2 Replies)
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